Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Shape Shifter Part 3 - Corrections

Long time no updates. Been busy with many things recently with regards to my job. So now that most stuff have been settled, I'll be back to my personal projects.

Firstly, some notes regarding the Shape Shifter tool. I realise there are problems with the Shape Shifter method I listed out in my previous posts. The corrective blendshape created using that method is in the joint's local space, which means that if other joints are moved other than that joint in question, the shape will go all wrong. That explains why my characters looks funny in some way even though I did do corrective blendshapes on them. Ultimately, I'm still back to using Comet's PSD tool.

Next, a friend of mine is in the process of conceptualizing a stylistic muscular character and he has already found a friend to model it. I'll be doing the rigging for it, and will attempt to combine cartoon rigging with some muscle simulation to maintain the volume. More details will be given when most of the things have been finalized. Really excited about it. Would definitely be a great personal project. Nothing beats having fun with a bunch of friends with common interest and aim. :)

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