Tuesday, April 24, 2007

HyperReal Creature Rigging/Revamp of AutoRig system

Finally started to work on revamping the Autorig system I built about 2 yrs ago...

Planning to walk through the whole process of an autorig system, from creating the joint guides, placing the joints, creating the actual joints, and then automatically creating the rig for it.

Taking the opportunity too to work on the HyperReal beast rig, which I intend to put in my demo reel... Here's THE beast:

Even though it's a biped, the muscular structure are so well-defined, and the edge loops are modelled very well as well. By the way, this was from the HyperReal Creature book from Alias.

This will be good practice in terms of getting realistic deformations, as well as getting enough controls for realistic animation. Planning to research into achieving good deformations with joints alone, and building a muscle rig on top of it to enhance it further.

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