Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hyper-real Facial Rigging

Gonna spend some time on the CGTalk Unofficial Rigging Challenge 2 on a hyper-real facial rig.

Did a few things:
- Some basic setting up of head/neck/eye joints
- Simple rigging of the eyes via aim constraints
- First pass skinning of geometry to the head, neck and jaw joints

- Since it is a hyper-real rig, I will be tuning my rig towards pseudo-muscle setup.
- Idea is to have a base head that is blendshaped to the actual renderable head, with all the rigging and extra stuff done on that base head. So the actual head will be "clean".
- Rig will be entirely made up of joints. Will add in some blendshapes if time allows.
- There will be a facial interface beside the face made up of curves for the controls, with on-face controls to fine tune the face if needed.

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Good for people to know.