Friday, March 12, 2010

Hulkey Rig Wishlist

Body Rig
  • IK/FK seamless switching (context menu?)
  • Stretchy Soft IK (python plugin or rig)
  • Multi-purpose math node (python plugin)
  • Volume Preservation
  • - Muscle plugin/joints
  • - Skin wrap deformer (python plugin)
  • > One skin wrap to multiple surfaces (NURBS or polygons)
  • > Paintable weights
  • - Pose Space Deformations
  • > Rewrite poseReader in python
  • > Rewrite PSD in python?
  • "Sculpable" layered body deformations
  • Simple secondary animation on hair using "delay" python node
  • Cloth sim on pants
Facial Rig
  • Adaptable Facial Rigging tool
  • Pseudo "skin-sliding" joint-driven facial rig that adheres to director-approved shapes/look
  • Facial GUI in Maya
  • Sticky lips
  • Take note of necessary controls under the eyes for more facial movement
  • Pupil dilation
  • Ability to shape eyelids (3 joints to control surface of lids?)
  • On-surface controls? Direct face manipulation without controls?
  • Teeth translation controls
  • Remember to have upper lips down and lower lips up instead of just lips in shape
  • "Sculpable" layered facial deformations
  • "vert snap" deformer node to stick overall body to the face alone
  • Rewrite AutoRig tool with interface (Mel or pyQT)
  • Customizable Character UI (Mel/pyQT/HTML)

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