Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hulkey Face Modeling Done!

Took a longer time than expected. After evaluating it further, I had to rework the face topology. Finally done with gums, teeth & hair as well. Gonna stick to this resolution for now to see how much deformation I can achieve before deciding to upRes it (which I'm guessing I probably will need to).

Just a note on my workflow. I am still planning to go with the joint-based facial setup, but first, I will be modeling all the defined shapes, and then match up the performance of the joint-based facial setup to achieve the modeled shapes. This is to emulate the actual production situation whereby all the facial setups of the character have to be "in-model", that is, approved and defined by the director (That is the reason why most production facial setups are still blendshape-based). To summarise:
  1. Joint-based facial setup to simulate "skin-sliding" effect of the controls
  2. Model actual blendshape targets to define the look and feel of the character
  3. Make use of the blendshape targets as additional corrective shapes of the facial setup

Next step: Rough blocking of the body. Just wanted to roughly define the shape of the shoulders and neck first to lock down my face geometry.

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